Quality Control

Our team takes your investment in the furniture for your home seriously. Every piece undergoes quality control twice. First when it leaves the workshop and then again just before we deliver it you. What happens if something goes wrong? Getting it right first time is our aim, but if things do need a little more attention we listen and act quickly to resolve any problems, we work tirelessly until you are happy with your furniture.

Care for your Wood

Waxed Pine – To enhance and enrich your waxed pine furniture we recommend you re-wax once or twice a year with a good quality polish. This will nourish the wood and small scratches or watermarks will wax away.  The Old Forge recommends, stocks and supplies Mylands products for use in nurturing and nourishing your wood.

Oiled Oak – We recommend the application of Danish, Teak or Linseed Oil to keep your Oak furniture looking great and durable for longer.

Natural Wood furniture - is best kept away from direct sunlight or heat sources such as radiators. You will need to protect it from hot objects, strong cleaning agents and water. Any spills need to be cleared up quickly. The use of tablemats and coasters is recommended.