Good Old Customer Service.

Good Old Customer Service.

What is good customer service? It’s a good question and harder to answer than what is bad customer service, we all know what that feels like. It can seem that the larger a business gets the less it seems to care about its customers. We are a small independent furniture retailer and our aim is to be your family’s preferred furniture retailer so we’re in for the long term and we believe that good customer service is the key.


You can expect a warm welcome and a hassle free visit enabling you to browse at your leisure. We’re a small team who communicate often so you’re most likely to deal with the same people all the way through from your first enquiry to delivery.


It’s really important for us that you are 100% happy with your purchase so we will listen to your aspirations.


Selling furniture is our trade so we have a good idea of what will work, and what won’t. We will advise and recommend what we believe will work best for the environment of your piece of furniture ensuring it will last you a lifetime. We want you to make good and informed decisions.


We like to build a friendly relationship with our customer’s so communication is the key. We keep you informed about delivery times and expectations, especially if things aren’t going to plan, better to keep everyone informed along the way.


Furniture purchases are a personal affair and often take energy and time to decide upon. Take your time; it’s your prerogative to change your mind!


When something goes wrong we want to know. We’ll visit if necessary and aim to resolve the situation to your satisfaction as soon as practically possible.

Good Old Customer Service!