How to Choose the Ideal Bedside Table for Your Home

How to Choose the Ideal Bedside Table for Your Home

Choosing the right bedside table for your bedroom takes a lot of thought. Having the ideal nightstand can transform your bedroom for the better, but there are a lot of design styles and storage considerations to make before completing your purchase. Think about whether you want your bedside table to blend in seamlessly with the rest of your home's interior, whether you require ample storage, or simply a nightstand that can make a statement. Once you've thought about the job you would like your nightstand to do, it's time to start browsing through potential options to choose the ideal bedside table for your home.

Here are our pointers to help you choose your ideal bedside table.

Consider the Layout of Your Bedroom

Before you buy a bedside table, or two, it is important to consider the layout of your bedroom. You don't want to end up buying a nightstand that is too big or too small for our space. An oversized nightstand can make your room look cluttered, while a small bedside table may become lost in the room!

So, save yourself some trouble and measure your space, including between your bed and other pieces of furniture to avoid a wrongly sized bedside table being delivered to your home. Ideally, your bedside tables will enhance the overall look of your room, while allowing ease of access around the space.

Think About the Height of Your Nightstand

The height of your nightstand is a very important consideration. The ideal height for a bedside table is roughly in line with the top of your mattress. This allows for easy access to the nightstand and the items stored on top or in the drawers. At The Old Forge, we can work with you to find a bedside table that is just the right height for your bedroom.

Do You Need Storage?

Many people don't think about storage when they purchase a bedside table but having storage inbuilt is great for hiding away items like glasses, medicines, notebooks, and general bedroom clutter. Not only does having storage in your bedside table save you space, but it also keeps your bedroom looking tidy. Having a shelf or two for your books can really change the functionality of your room.

At The Old Forge, we sell a variety of bedside table that include storage. So, if you love storage, please browse our collection to discover a bedside table that may be ideal for you.

Keep Your Bedside Tables in Proportion

When purchasing a bedside table for your bedroom, it is important to keep everything in proportion. What we mean by that is; a large bed tends to require larger nightstands, and vice versa. Keeping everything in proportion will keep your bedroom looking stylish, functional and organised.

The Style of Your Bedside Table

When you are purchasing bedside tables, it can be fun thinking about styles and whether you want both of your nightstands to match. Although having matching side tables can make a room look complete and well put together, differing bedside tables can look great too, giving your bedroom a less formal vibe. Ultimately, it's your choice, but differing bedside tables is definitely something to think about.

The Bedside Tables We Sell

Here at The Old Forge, we sell a variety of gorgeous bedside tables that are handcrafted by our team experts. Whether you are looking for a solid oak bedside table, or you want a nightstand with storage, we are sure to have something to suit your space. Why not browse our collection?


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